The Science

The origin / The science

The Pro A Check Antioxidants Scanner uses a proprietary and patented technology that allows immediate and non-invasive measurement of antioxidant levels in human tissue. The antioxidants scanner uses reflection spectroscopy to accurately measure carotenoids in the finger.

Currently, the research instrument, trademarked as “VEGGIE METER”, is being used in over 100 universities worldwide. We have exclusive use of this technology for commercial purposes.

The inventors

Werner Gellerman, PhD

Werner Gellerman, PhD

Werner Gellermann received his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City in 1981, where he currently holds appointments as Research Professor in the Department of Physics and Adjunct Professor at the School of Medicine’s Moran Eye Center.

Dr. Gellermann’s research background is in Solid State Physics, where he developed ionic crystals for a novel, wavelength-tunable continuous-wave and femtosecond laser operation in the infrared spectral region.

In the mid 90’s, he and his research group switched to the field of Biomedical Optics, applying their experience with lasers and spectroscopy techniques to the development and commercialization of novel non-invasive detection methods for carotenoid antioxidants and related compounds in living human tissue.

Igor Ermakov, PhD

Igor V. Ermakov received a Master’s Degree in Physics from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1993, and a Ph.D. in Laser Physics from the General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1997.

Later in 1997, he joined the Department of Physics at the University of Utah, where he has since been active in Biomedical Optics research. His major focus is the development of non-invasive detection methods for carotenoids and related antioxidant compounds in the human retina and skin.

In collaboration with medical researchers in the fields of Ophthalmology, Neonatology, Epidemiology and Nutrition Sciences he is investigating the health effects of antioxidants in living human tissue.

The Credentials

  • Published 21 peer-reviewed papers
  • Written 3 chapters on bio-photonics and bio-medical applications
  • Have 3 patents:
    • Skin Carotenoid Detection using Reflection Spectroscopy
    • Detection of flavonoids based on fluorescence spectroscopy
    • Detection of carotenoids in the human retina
  • Developed previous carotenoid technology that was used in over 10,000 scanners and generated over a billion dollars in revenue from nutritional supplements

The Science

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